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About Us...

Welcome to My Bellissima Designs, a small business run by me, Bella.

My Bellissima Designs brings 100% natural wool felt shapes and wooden armatures together to create high quality products that are made to last.


Somewhere along my creative journey I fell in love with the tactility of felt balls, the vibrancy of colours available and the joy of using something so obviously handcrafted, full of character and individuality. These have now become my signature material to work with, the basis of my designs and the starting point for many new ideas. 


My main source of inspiration comes from anything colourful and all things rainbow but I am constantly experimenting with colour, texture, style and shape. By using a fresh combination of colours, materials, threads and designs, I aim to create truly unique items. I hope to bring some fun and colour to your homes, making pieces to spark curiosity and imagination whilst not compromising on design and style. Although many of my designs are made to spark little one's imaginations I know that most of my products can be enjoyed at any age and look just as perfect, eye catching and decorative in any part of your home, office or work space.

The majority of my materials are sourced from other small businesses, both here in the UK and in Nepal. It is important to me that I support our independent companies and empower traditional communities who are responsible for handcrafting beautiful creations. I am proud to be a business that uses ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable and entirely plastic free, made by skilled artisans working in sustainable employment. Even the packaging I use will be recyclable and/or reused where possible, to reduce waste. 


Want to discuss a bespoke, custom piece or request a previous one of a kind item?

Please get in touch! 

For all the past designs, latest news, behind the scenes updates and to catch a glimpse of my day to day life, join us over on Instagram or Facebook.

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